First things first: All of my canvas prints are 1 of 1. My gallery pieces & archived work on my site, are what I have available on canvas. I will not reprint any pieces on canvas that someone already has. However, I will print a smaller poster version of all my works & make these copies of the original works, available to everyone. Art should be shared, not hoarded.


I call myself an Avant-Obscurist. Coming originally, of course, from the Avant-Guard and Vanguard ideas. More specifically, the perspectives and philsophies that came out of Dada, Surrealism, & Modernism. I have been steeped in plenty of art history, with a large focus on these eras. I recognise these time periods as huge shifts in art culture and I have always appreciated the doors and perspectives it opened for other artist to explore.
Obscurist is more of a take on my work & character as a person. Personally, I think I am a relatively simple person, but those who know me well, understand the complexities of my thoughts, while comprehending my thought process. So, to a degree I believe that the work I create speaks to the rich levels of that human complexity. The interactions with my work, is much like spending time with me. The more time you spend with it, the more you will see, understand, and appreciate.
I believe that each medium that an artist creates work in, is symbiotic with that artist. The artist feels that their specific medium is the optimal medium to best express themselves. Unfortunately, I have found such a wealth of knowledge, experience and connection with a few different mediums that no one did my soul justice. So, I had to take it upon myself to invented or create a new process for creating art based on what I felt a kin to: Ceramics, Photography, Printmaking, & Color.
The only tool I use that I don't particularly care for is the computer, moreover, Photoshop. I'm a studio artist at heart. So, being stuck behind a computer isn't something I'm crazy about, but, it is one of the only tools that allows me to combine all of these art forms plus my experiences in art history knowledge, studio experience, & both personal and learned philosophies about life, art, and happiness.


I call it Chromastratagraphy. The etymology comes from Chroma-, meaning color or colorful. -Strata-, comes from layers or layered. And -graphy come from one of the main tools use to create the work.
When creating work, I use a digital camera with a fixed 50mm lens to photograph: a wheatpaste, a piece of architecture, and a number. I use these images as the foundations in Photoshop. I then use color theory, form vs.. function, and an adapted take on the processes of printmaking, adjusted for digital media, to construct the work. Construction of the piece is important. I focus on the philosophies of ceramics, specifically being a potter, the art form, and culture, as a whole, to create each piece.
Each piece of work is an inkjet print on canvas, that I stretch onto custom, handbuild frames. The size of my pieces dictates that I have to do so if, I want to keep the integrity of the original photographed images, and I do.


I believe creating art is about the process. The experience that the artist goes through to create the work is unique and the artwork itself is what others can enjoy. It is a window into what others may not be able to do but can recognize & appreciate.
Most of my opinions are about what art should be, as a whole and not about an abstract concept specific to an individual piece. That is what I think titles are for. Artwork should not need to be explained. The art comes from the experience, the journey. And just like any other journey, it’s not solely about the destination, it’s about everything it took to get there & where the artist has come from. Each piece, ultimately, is the source, echo & resolution of the artist, their journey & their destination. The work will speak for itself, if the talent is there.
I also believe that the artist has a responsibility to the community & culture as a whole. Artists have a unique ability to tap into the collective sub-conscious. From there, it is their choice whether they use it to depict it as it’s being seen or to see it for what it could be & use that to create towards a better well being. In short, an artist can create positively & I believe they should.
People like my work because I create it going through a positive experience & I create it to have a positive experience and I think that’'s what real talent is.